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"The World in Prophecy"

A place to come and learn about Biblical Prophecy as it relates to the current world events today.  We have been preaching about what the world is NOW facing and how it relate to Bible and God's GREAT PLAN for MANKIND and the WORLD.



       REVELATION 19:10


Events surrounding prophecy will always be the center of attention.  
Especially because Revelation tells us;  “The testimony of Jesus is “The Spirit of Prophecy.”

Most newcomers to the church are focused on Prophecy. 
For that reason we have developed a Prophecy Page, for the website.

It will give the viewer easy access to sermons, events, and articles relating to Prophecy.


The is NOT, “The sky is falling” web page.   You will NOT find outlandish crazy off the wall, nonsense.   You will find solid, balanced Biblical information relating to current events based upon scripture.   It is designed to give the viewer, information pertaining to changing world events leading up to, and eventually fulfilling events prior to the return of Christ.

We hope you will find the new page of value and  informative to your calling.

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