The Next Great Step to


April 2009


  Discusses the events taking place in the world that will eventually lead to a separation of the alliances of the U.S. and Israel.

It covers the parallels of the rise of Hitler and the fall of Europe, to events of today. Also discussed are the dualities of warnings of Jeremiah to America today, making May for the changes to fulfillment to Bible prophecy.







The Next Great Step to Biblical Fulfillment

January, 2010



From the beginning, Satan has tried to overthrow God's Seed by interjecting his seed into mankind.

The Story of the "TWO SEEDS" is interwoven throughout the Bible.

Did you know that the Bible has declared from the beginning that Islam would be a powerful religion reigning terror over many peoples, religions, and nations before Jesus’ return.  Isaiah tells us;  “I am God, and there is none like me.  Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done.” (Isa 46:9-10).  In this powerful three part series entitled;  “The Two Seeds, The Rise of Islam,” Tom Kerry shares the scriptures that reveal the rise of Islam just before the return of Jesus Christ.  This sermon topic has brought about more request and more response than any other topic we’ve ever covered.

Most of Jesus' parables center around this theme.

In the sermon, "THE TWO SEEDS",  Mr. Tom Kerry goes into areas of Biblical Understanding and prophetic insight that is happening right before our eyes.  A completely NEW type of sermon and information never before understood.


Part 1:

In part one of the Two Seeds, it covers the foundation roots of the two seeds, God’s Seed and Satan’s Seed.

It is an in depth study of Western thinking, and Middle East thinking.

It also goes into the foundation of the establishment of the roots of Islam.

The Two Sees - Rise of Islam
Part 1
The Wheat and The Tare


Part 2:

Picks up where part one leaves off covering Islam roots all the way back to Ishmael. From God’s Word, we see how the intermingling of the seeds takes place and how

God will from the parable of the sower separate the seeds upon His return.

The bible shows us how the marriages through the descendants of Isaac and Esau mix the thorns and the tares with the wheat.

It is an in-depth study showing why we have the problems in the world today from its earliest origins.

Two Seeds - Rise of Islam
Part 2
The Thorn

Part 3:

Concludes with the fowls of the air and the parable of just who are the fowls in the later days.

In this final chapter, the series wraps up all the points from the first two sermons to give us a complete picture of how Satan has slowed his seeds in a vain attempt to destroy God’s plan.

In conclusion, Tom Kerry shows how the rise in the Muslim populations around the world will eventually lead to the ultimate establishment of the return of Jesus Christ.

The Two Seeds - Rise of Islam
Part 3
Rise of Islam - The Fowl


Middle East Unrest
January, 2011

Covers the multitude of events that were unraveling the Middle East, toppling dictatorships, and disposing governments throughout the Middle East.

During this sermon, Tom Kerry covers the fall of Egypt, the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the events that will make way for the establishment of the King of the South spoken of by Daniel.

Middle East Unrest - Making way for the King of the South



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