Armies Surrounding Jerusalem

January, 2012


Part 1:
In part one of this series Tom Kerry covers events that will reshape the Middle East that will lead up to the Armies that will surround Jerusalem.

It specifically covers the troop buildup of U.S. forces in the Middle East, and the potential of an Israeli air strike into Iran to prevent their nuclear build up.

This sermon also begins with the decedents of Esau and how they will have a major role to play in future Biblical fulfillment.

Armies Surrounding Jerusalem Part 1

Part 2:  
Part two begins with how Americas powers will be limited in the end times as God brakes the pride of its power. It covers specifically the

Prophecies of the duality of Jeremiah that the U.S. is going down the same paths as ancient Israel, and will eventually face the same fate.

Armies Surrounding Jerusalem
Part 2
The Spiritual Buildup

Part 3:
Part three goes into many of the specific events predicted by scripture just before and during the time of the surrounding of the armies around Jerusalem.

It concludes with what the Bible describes as God sending Fishers before His return, followed by God sending Hunters. More importantly, this sermon show who the fishers and hunters are.

Armies Surrounding Jerusalem
Part 3
Events before and
during the Surrounding

Dangerous Times

April, 2012




Covers the escalating events around the world, from N. Koreaís missile launch to the buildup of America troops in the middle east.

The preparation of these events preclude the possibility of Israel doing a pre-emptive strike to destroy Iranís nuclear capabilities.

During this sermon, it concludes with the rise of radical Islam and the prophecies of Hamas and America.






Dangerous Times

Thread of Evil

July, 2012



Is a powerful and concise sermon covering the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood from its beginnings to its connection to Adolph Hitler through nearly every major change in the Middle East. It describes how it came to power in Egypt and its ultimate goal of destroying Israel.

The sermon also shows how the movement has now made its way into America, and the American Government. It concludes with the Bible warnings of associating with evil and ultimate destruction for failure to obey Gods Word.





Thread of Evil


In this series, Tom Kerry goes into the facts of how we got into this crisis and why it is not possible for America to get itself out. Are you prepared for whatís ahead?


The series covers the most critical issues facing America today. They can be rapped up into three specific areas. America-Post Election, America-Post Fiscal Cliff, America-Post Middle East Spring.


The Bible predicted many years ago that there is a way to prosperity, and a way to financial ruin. America has taken the way to financial ruin. You need to hear this message, there is a way out.


Mr.  Tom Kerry goes into areas of Biblical Understanding and prophetic insight that is happening right before our eyes TODAY.

America has lost it's: Moral, Ethical, Spiritual and now is ready to bankrupt itself to ultimately lose it's Physical/Financial way.  The problem is, it hasn't any idea as to Why or How?

Tom Kerry goes into the "Truth" about why America cannot fix its own problems, and why it will take Jesus Christ to resolve the Calamity we have today.

America Sold Out
Part 1
Post Fiscal Cliff Survival

The painting in the picture hangs on the Rotunda wall of the Capital.  It depicts the Pilgrims on the deck of the ship Speedwell on July 22, 1620 before they were deported from Delfs Haven, Holland. for North America, were they sought religious Freedom.

Following the election on  November,6, 2012, are we witnessing another "EMBARKATION" of America?

Tom Kerry discusses the horrifying ramifications of Americas decision to remove God in the wake of the election and why it may already be too late to turn things around.

America Sold Out     Part 2
The Embarkation of America

Ready to Explode at any time! Where Will the United States Stand When it Does?

We are moving ever so close to the Middle East erupting into a mega war. Tom Kerry covers the recent lead up to that war.


America Sold Out
Part 2
The Embarkation of America

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